A Meal for 20 Coming Right Up!

Do you want to know how to throw a great pool party? It is all about the food. Just ask me to cater it and you will see. I can cook for an outdoor feast for ten to twenty and money is no object. I am known for tasty southern cuisine and it is not expensive. The preparation is easy and I don’t need much help, which cuts down on costs. I can promise you a good time. I have a testimonial from a friend as proof.

Recently, I took care of the food for a lavish pool party in my friend’s backyard. There was a huge above ground pool but lots of room for tables and chairs. He has a covered patio that made the set up easy. He can easily accommodate a crowd. I was assigned to make something unique and special for twenty and to lay it out as a tantalizing buffet. This was a no brainer. I can cook in my sleep and I love to entertain. I thus pass on my skills to others.

We selected a date and I prearranged some rentals. People like to sit when they eat and most do not go near the pool. Only kids will snack while swimming but they often drop morsels into the water. I am going to avoid this problem. We will have cocktails by the pool and since people are coming appropriately attired, some may want to swim. My friend’s pool has three-foot sides unlike in-ground pools and you can buy trays to attach to the top edge. Drinks can be placed on these little tables so the adults can play around and cool off in the water. After drinks comes the food neatly ensconced in hot tureens. Paper plates start the food line and plastic utensils wrapped in napkins. After you grab your plate, it is your turn to explore. I usually offer two entrees, a starter dish or salad, and a simple desert like southern banana pudding and cookies. An urn of hot water stands next to hot coffee so people can decide if they want something other than an alcoholic beverage. Sodas are nearby in an ice chest.

I love to get rave revues of my food. Sure, my friend was ecstatic as he had tried my southern fare before. It is always nice to hear it also from guests. I had pan fried chicken with potatoes and gravy. It is a crowd pleaser all the time. I have catered a lot and know the ropes. As an alternative to the chicken I had braised short ribs in barbecue sauce. One eater said it was “heavenly.” Thank you very much. The salad had a homemade creamy ranch dressing, a staple of the southern style. As for banana pudding, you can’t make enough. People kept coming back for more. It is rich and creamy and so satisfying to the palate. I often include it on the menu as a result.