Perfect Date Night

I have a dilemma. I need to plan a meal for my date at my house. I will cook as usual, but frankly I have done it before and he might be tired of the same old thing. I prepare my favorite dishes, of course, but repeating them is my practice. Why? Because they are good and people say they like what I offer. I don’t think I should change a good thing. So many decisions. I have to decide what I will wear as well and what we should do for amusement after dessert. I want it to be a perfect evening and there is no reason why it should fail.

I am going to wear something casual but appealing, which is my style. My date always looks nice and well attired. Since I can cook earlier in the day, I can get dressed right before he comes. I will lay out my swimsuit because I have a super idea. After a meal of southern dishes, we can have some nice wine in the hot tub. What a nice way to end our get-together. It will be a beautiful night to be outdoors at night. The hot tub is warm and relaxing and something unique to do on a date. We usually go out to eat or see the latest movies. I want to stay home, listen to some music, and jump into the swirling water. That is the point of having your own hot tub at home. You can use it whenever it is convenient, and I try to make it often.

I struck a home run with my dinner, which consisted of some new recipes. Not that my date would utter a word, but I wanted a surprise meal of southern favorites. We had chicken soup with homemade noodles and fresh vegetables from my neighbor’s garden. What he grows always inspires me. I add hot sauce to the broth which makes the soup course really different. I love a touch of heat. It means that I borrowed something from the Tex Mex tradition and have adapted it to my southern style. Then there is a hearty entrée of Swiss steak smothered in onions. Southerners like comfort food. When you pair it with buttery mashed potatoes, you have something divine. With vegetables in the sauce, it is a complete meal. Desert is banana pudding, a delicious Southern treat. Thank you New Orleans for Bananas Foster, another dish I make. It carries over into the pudding, which everyone likes. This is the first time my date will try it. I hope he likes this fruit topped with brown sugar and whipped cream.

I know that he will like retiring to the hot tub for wine. He has commented before. The memory of his positive response prompted me to plan a post-dinner dip accompanied by our favorite vintage. We both like white wine. It is light and fruity and not too heavy to sip in the hot tub. No one got drunk in spite of two full glasses each.