Thanks a Lot, Whoever You Are!

I used to have trust in humanity, but not anymore. I am always surprised by acts of vandalism and violence. I watch too much local news. I wait for the segment on “hero of the week” because it restores my faith in people. The rest of the time it is all bad stuff. Why do people lash out at the world? Is life that terrible? Of course not. Life is a blessing and I enjoy every second. When I am concocting my favorite southern dishes, I feel that I am alive and well. That’s what you have to do to keep yourself going. You relish the good moments every day. I live to cook in the evening and often invite guests to share the fare. Entertaining makes up for those times when you feel like a victim of circumstances. It happened recently when my car was subjected to a hit-and-run in a parking lot at night. There is plenty of illumination in the lot so there is no reason for someone to miss my car. Furthermore, no note was left to account for the damage. Someone could have been drinking as this sort of mishap is not common in my area.

I was out doing errands and parked near a department store where I had to buy some items for the kitchen. It is open until nine o’clock in the evening and is very convenient. This tells you that I was not parked near a bar. Who on earth perpetuated the damage that was so visible? Thanks a lot, whoever you are. I am pissed to the bone. My car needs a paint job to restore the back fender. If I wanted professional work, I would need to report the “accident” (which was not my fault) to my insurance company. There goes my favorable rate. I am not going that route. I took a long, hard look and saw that the damage was fairly localized. I could use a paint spray gun for car paint loaded with the car’s exact color and cover it pretty well. You can buy pre-mixed paint at any car dealer for all of their colors and this makes for a better job overall. I made tracks to the dealer and got what I needed.

If the nozzle is clean on your paint spray gun, you will get an even finish. When I was done, it looked almost as good as the shop, maybe not perfect but quite remarkable. I skirted the problem of insurance rates and solved my problem. I got the gun some time ago and used to use it to freshen up the exterior of the house. You can use it to play paint ball, for arts and crafts (to make giant posters), and a lot more. It gets significant usage all year long. It really saved the day for my fender and no one can tell. I did have a couple of dents, but a friend knew how to hammer them out. Now all is well.