Good Friends and Good Food

I love southern cooking and I look forward to sharing my passion with others. I hope you have the opportunity to try it out in a restaurant in your area. If you travel to Texas, you are in luck. Even if you go to Louisiana or Alabama, you won’t be disappointed. I will prepare my favorite dishes anytime for family and friends. There is no end to what the state of Texas has to offer in the way of fabulous restaurants, but my home kitchen is also a source of great meals and beverages. Recently, I invited some good friends over for a fancy wine pairing dinner. I had some new dishes for them to try. I have turned them into food lovers and have educated them on the amazing flavor and delightful texture of the southern style. It is a cuisine that is unlike any other with different spices, ingredients and methods of preparation. While I enjoy casual entertaining, it is fun to go more formal now and then. I can get out the china and stemware and go all out. A tablecloth or placemats are not out of the question. When you come to my house, you get the whole shebang.

I have a three-course meal planned that features seasonal locally-grown vegetables and fresh tenderized meat, and I will concoct my own fruit soufflé dessert. Southern cuisine is hearty, like most comfort food. It doesn’t shy away from cream and butter. You won’t lose weight at my table. And who wants to. There is a time to savor food as is without guilt. Most people eat French or Italian food that is laden with calories. Raw vegetables are no fun, nor is chicken or fish with no sauce. In the south, it is all about taste and no effort is spared to make it right. It is certainly an art and I am working on developing my skills all the time. I collect recipes and watch Food TV. They have some excellent chefs who make their recipes available.

The wine pairings for this dinner will be important and I don’t always do this when I feed friends or family. I have acquired some delicious vintages and want to try them out. They are sitting in the wine refrigerator getting to be the perfect temperature. I love that the cooler has adjustable settings. In fact, you can have red wine in one area and white in another and not have to keep them at the same degree of coldness. It is a state-of-the-art wine refrigerator that I rely on for entertaining.

It holds two cases of wine since I like to keep some inventory. I love going to wine tastings at local vineyards and when I travel, and I don’t leave without taking something with me. I used to have a smaller size and I outgrew it quite fast. This model suits my needs perfectly as I have expanded my cooking horizon.