Wildflowers in Bloom

Spring time is early this year in Texas. You can tell by all the dainty yellow wildflowers that are lining the roadsides like a moving ribbon of color as you drive by. I love them so much that I find an excuse to drive to an unknown made-up destination. They make for great photographs as they tell their own seasonal story. It is nature resplendent and I wait for it patiently every year. To see more of them, I am going on an adventure on my road bike. My friend, a photographer, wants to come along. It will be a feast for the camera’s eye. We are headed to an area where there are fields of the newly blooming flowers. We want to get some distant shots with the mountains in the background. After we get a full complement of pix, we can go up to some local bike trails for some late afternoon fun. There are usually other bikers jamming the trails in the morning, so we set our time for a later hour.

The bikes don’t roar like big Harleys but they spin their wheels and take us for a joy ride. Road and mountain bikes are for recreation apart from weekend transportation. I don’t take mine to work but I do ride at night to visit friends and family. It is great when you don’t want to fuss about finding parking in a crowded neighborhood. But I love the trails best and if I can throw in some scenery at the same time, I am in heaven. I love to go with a friend as we stop for a late lunch when the sun is not directly overhead. A sunny day makes for the best photos, but a cloudy day makes for some drama. We go on a ride in wildflower country for three days in a row.

The pictures were extraordinary and went immediately to Instagram for others to enjoy. I expect to see people post the wild flowers in their area for comparison. They are known to grown countrywide, but they are more resplendent in some states like Texas than others. You never tire of the annual ritual of watching them populate the fields and adorn the side of the road. If you are lucky, you can find them sneaking up in your own backyard. Some people seed their yards in the winter and wait for spring. You can a lovely view out of your kitchen or family room window. They remind you of renewal and new life.

Each season has its special offerings although summer can be a bit bare. Fall means a visit to the pumpkin patch and coming home with gourds. Winter means snow-covered mountains in the distance beckoning you to ski. Then spring again with its delightful yellow crop. It is great to have a road bike to get out and relish the seasons. My friend and I can be found on the windy trails.