Atypical Southern Dining

This is not another typical Southern dining post as it is not a post about Texas, but I guess Southern California is also to be considered a southern cuisine area. I come back to you with yet another fine dining story. As a huge food lover, I want to taste and experience different cuisines and I decided to go on a trip to Santa Monica in Southern California.

I was quite curious about what the pier had to offer, so I decided to engage in an exploring adventure. Ahead of me lay a 22-hour long drive, and I specifically decided to go by car, since I wanted this to be an old-school road trip. My large cooler stocked up on food essentials was my best friend for the two-day road trip to Santa Monica. Some Bob Seger all-time favorite songs kept me company while I was driving. The day was long and I had to stop for the night so I searched the area for nearby hostels. The room I finally got was small, but it met my only need – I really needed to shower. Thankfully they had a gas water heater like the ones at and I was able to relax and enjoy a long, hot water shower after a whole day spent driving.

The next day I hit the road and finally arrived in Santa Monica. My intuition was telling me to follow the mixed smell of ocean breeze and sand and it got me right where I wanted to be – the Santa Monica Pier. While I was walking down the pier, a particular seafood restaurant really caught my eye, and since it was lunchtime, I decided to taste some local specialties. I got a table overlooking the beach and I could feel the ocean breeze on my face. It was the perfect lunch after a long day in the sun.

The choice was obviously going to be fresh and local seafood – but what exactly? After consideration, I decided to go for a lobster. A classic, can’t miss. It was served faster than I expected actually – before you know it I had this huge crustacean on a plate in front of me, perfectly cooked all over and covered in the sweet taste of olive oil and herbs. It came with a side of drawn butter and sauteed Swiss chard, which gave it some light earthy flavor to counter the lobster’s sweetness. By the time I was done, I was licking my fingers. It was a dish I will surely remember!