Summer Dining in Texas

Summer is my favorite season, but Texan summer is my most beloved event of the year, as I like to call it, because there’s nothing like summer in Texas. Yeah, it’s hot and the sun is sweltering, but I can’t imagine anything more charming than looking across the fields at sunset, smelling the air, or having some Blue Bell in the city, or sipping on an iced coffee in the opal morning light.

Summers here are enjoyed to the fullest by everyone, but we also try to survive the heat. I usually get up very early in the morning before the temperature rises and do my errands, then come noon, I prepare some lunch and I have a little siesta. After that is my favorite part of the day – preparing dinner and maybe some dessert, then sitting on the porch with a drink.

Not every day is exactly like this, but this is mostly my routine. I love making dinner for my family and friends, and I always try to make different things. Everyone’s favorite is the fried chicken, and sometimes I think I bought my deep fryer just to make that, but I also make other things. There are so many dishes in our cuisine, sometimes the choice is pretty tough. But, what is pleasure if not enjoying good Southern food to the fullest?

I usually like to make more than enough, if I have enough time. And I most often do, I’ve gotten used to cooking versatile meals, so I always know what I need and how long something is gonna take me. Plus, if I’m gonna have a dinner party, I have to plan ahead.

I like making some traditional desserts as well, like banana pudding and a classic chess pie. Though I do like to put a twist on the latter and replace the vinegar with lemon juice and some (a lot of) zest, and you got the perfect summer dessert! All my friends and family have a soft spot for the Mississippi mud cake. This one is a real winner every time.

Sometimes we make some barbecue, because summer without a barbecue is a summer wasted, and I’m serious when I say this. In August my favorite thing to make is creamed corn, it’s hands down an irreplaceable dish. The cheesy, milky, peppery texture is comforting in any hour of the day or night, and prepares you for the coming autumn perfectly.